Do you feel overwhelmed making decisions on what to wear each day?

Do you feel uncertain on how to put your outfits together?

Let me help you organize your closet so you can make wardrobe choices easier each day! I help you declutter your closet, organize it and help you determine which items to keep so you can really see your wardrobe options. Sometimes we already have all we need in our closets, we just need to organize and declutter to see all the gems that work together. Like diamonds in the rough.


Let me help you determine your body shape and correct coloring for your skin tone and hair color.

Once your closet is organized, or if you are one of the blessed ones that's already organized, this service can help you make the right future purchases to build your existing wardrobe of basics. I can show you multiple outfit options you already have and what you can do to keep your look on trend!


Now that we know your basic wardrobe and accessories, I can help you create new looks building from what you already have and instruct what you could add to accentuate your body shape and coloring to help you feel confident with your lifestyle, revealing the real you!

Sometimes we already have all we need in our closets. We just have to organize and declutter to see all the gems work together.



Cheryl Bowman - Founder and CEO

Having always had a passion for fashion and helping others to look and feel their best, I love to see the confidence and joy in others. I can do this by helping you organize and edit your closet to create your customized look revealing the real you! This is such a rewarding feeling!

At a young age I began sewing, and completed classes through tailoring. I started my retail career in a little French dress shop Apropos located in Fashion Island, CA. I spent many years creating my own style and helping others to create their own.

I have earned certifications as a Personal Stylist and Advance Product Specialist for Color and Skin Care. I provide expert advice to ensure you always look your best. Whether your looking for help downsizing and organizing your closet from clutter, or personalizing your style to accent your body shape and color, I can help you make the proper choices in your future purchases. Stylizing and accessorizing your outfits, feeling confident in your look! I also offer personal shopping for those feeling too busy and would like pre-shopping done for them!

I am also available for public speaking engagements.

Have a blessed day,